Maybe home ownership is closer than you think. Many Australians may not be aware how ‘within reach’ home ownership may actually be.

As an example a first home buyer in South Australia may only require $7000 to purchase a $300,000 property based on current grants available. The $7000 could even be a gift from parents or be borrowed funds!

It may not be for everybody but home ownership is still the preferred option of many.

In the above example, repayments at time of print would be approximately $395 per week. Compare that with current rental rates and lack of suitable properties available and it’s easy to see why first Home Buyers are coming back into the market.

The current grants available from various state and federal government incentives combined with falling interest rates has seen both first home buyers and investors flood back into the market.

An immerging trend is the young Australian living at home and buying their first property as an investment. Why not? Realistically living at home frees up cash flow which may facilitate owning an investment property when combined with the rental income (wish I’d have bought my first property whilst living at home, don’t you?)